Using the Archive

Browsing through the Archive:

Browse through the <magazines> by:

  • Selecting the magazine, decade, year and issue. Then you can then select a bookmarked (?) article, or use edit and then find to search by a word or name. This will take you into the magazine to the first occurrence of the word, if it is found in the text. in the magazine. Clicking on the  will take you to the next occurrence of the words, and so on.

Browse the <registers> by :

  • Selecting 'Registers' and then the required volume and then the page.

Search in the Archive:

You may enter a Basic Search query or use the built in Advanced Search function.

  • Magazines can be searched by year, from xxxx to yyyy, text word/name, category (article or section heading) and by subcategory(Jazz, Boxing etc.).

  • Registers are indexed by name.

Results are displayed as tabular format or thumbnails which may be selected to view the original document or photograph image.